Before entering school, the child must undergo a preventive examination.

Before entering school, the child must undergo a preventive examination.

In the previous (“Marchuk”) standards it was clearly divided: tests for strength, speed, agility and endurance. Shuttle running “exclusively” and without alternative actually “embodied” dexterity.

Is it possible and necessary to choose either a completely dissimilar alternative, or to abandon this test altogether?

Of course, what is possible and what is needed if you get rid of dogmatic-stamped thinking.

A simple question: why such a high correlation coefficient in schoolchildren in the short sprint (30-60 m) and in the shuttle run? Say that’s not the case. View your logs and logs.

Right. The speed-force component “overlaps” such a condition as the level of interaction with gravitational-inertial factors (one of the components of the concept of “agility”). The exercise itself, both as a training and as a test, is very valuable and good, but here the question of principle: can we develop something new, our own and much more interesting, functional and high quality? We can. Alternatives will be described in the next article.

In the next article we will try to understand how those “poor” Americans do without the TRP, what are the options to ensure the “congruence” of the military-applied component in the system of physical education in education, moving away from the reorganization of “antiquities”. And also how to make a scale of growth from a scale of estimation and how to “impose” macroscales on the detailed tables of all-around.

It is also necessary to mention swimming and throwing, modern methodological tools, the importance of using “leveling” tools, the conditional correlation projections of various test exercises and other equally important things.

Preliminary conclusions

1. A nationwide system of metrics for human physical development (framework), which would focus on both education and the health care system, as well as the military, law enforcement and MOE when compiling their systems and programs, is really needed, but it must be exemplary quality, to have clear and expressive functional tasks.

2. The system of metrics should be interesting for citizens and should not be accompanied by “mass” delivery of standards. Rating scales should be growth scales for everyone, scales of interaction and cooperation, not “boards of shame”.

3. It must be high-tech, have original IT software.

4. There should be a Ukrainian style, different from others. You can’t go down to different forms of plagiarism.

5. Tests must be new and modern (most of the proposed program has already “outlived its usefulness” and do not meet modern requirements).

6. A line of interesting competitive complexes related to the basic system should be proposed, which will be implemented not by “lowering” the departmental vertical, but by the method of gradual “capture” of all age groups and strata of society.

You can find out what modern test and competition complexes look like here.

Viktor Yaskiv, trainer-organizer of UGYUSK and MK Zhovkovsky district of Lviv region, head of the center of physical development of youth of Dublyany “Iron Kish” original on the site Educational policy.


When entering a kindergarten or school, you do not need a special medical card – just a certificate from a doctor

Schools and kindergartens will not store a child’s medical records

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has abolished the form No. 026 / o “Medical card of a child (for preschool and secondary schools)”. This means that from now on, children’s medical data will not be stored in schools and kindergartens.

When entering kindergarten, you do not need to provide a special medical card – just a certificate from a pediatrician or family doctor that the child is healthy. Upon entering the school – a certificate from a doctor that the child has undergone a preventive examination. If the child is ill, the doctor can make an appropriate entry with the consent of the parents.

Why medical records cannot be stored in schools and kindergartens

The “child’s medical card” (form No. 026 / o), which was previously kept in schools and kindergartens, has been canceled: data on the child’s health cannot be opened and stored outside the medical institution.

The right to medical secrecy is guaranteed by Art. 39-1. Law of Ukraine “Fundamentals of the Legislation of Ukraine on Health Care” of 19.11.1992 No. 2801-XII. “The patient has the right to secrecy about the state of his health, the fact of seeking medical help, diagnosis, as well as information obtained during his medical examination. It is prohibited to request and provide information on the patient’s diagnosis and treatment at the place of work or study, ”the law reads. Therefore, data on the child’s health can be contained only in the” History of the child’s development No. ___ “(Form No. 112 / o) – a medical card stored in a health care facility …

What help do you need to attend kindergarten?

To visit a preschool institution, it is enough for parents to provide a certificate certifying the fact that the child is healthy. This certificate will be provided by a pediatrician or family doctor at the health care facility where the child is being cared for. If the child has a certain disease, then at the discretion of one of the parents or another legal representative of the child, this certificate may be recorded accordingly. Accordingly, the medical staff of preschool education institutions will have the necessary information about the child’s health.

It will be recalled that only a pediatrician or family doctor can examine children under 3 years of age. Additional examinations by specialists and additional examinations (laboratory, instrumental, etc.) of a healthy full-term child under 3 years of age are conducted only on the basis of written evidence in the history of the child’s development (f. 12112o.), Subject to informed consent of parents (guardians, trustees)) or their legal representatives.

What help do you need to attend school?

Before entering school, the child must undergo a preventive examination. After the medical examination, Form No. 0 086-1 / о “Certificate of the student of the general educational institution on the results of the obligatory preventive medical examination” is issued to the medical worker of the general educational institution. If the child has a certain disease, then at the discretion of one of the parents or other legal representative of the child, this certificate may be recorded. Accordingly, medical staff of school educational institutions will have the necessary information about the child’s health.

About forms for preventive vaccinations

All information on vaccination or revaccination, as well as tuberculin tests are recorded by doctors or nurses in the “Vaccination Card” (form # 063 / o). This form is conducted in outpatient, educational and training institutions. Accordingly, the certificate of vaccinations contained in the form No. 063 / о allows medical staff of educational institutions to be acquainted with the presence or absence of vaccinations in a particular child.

Preschool and school education institutions are not allowed to request certificates other than those mentioned above. The relevant clarification letter has already been sent to the Ministry of Education and Science.

According to the press center of the Ministry of Health

secondary education reform


Interview of the best teacher of Ukraine according to the version of the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine (2017) Paul Pshenichka

Children do not take words, but take an example

Experts of the project “Space of Educational Initiatives” of the Ukrainian Catholic University started a discussion about the values ​​stated in the Concept of the New Ukrainian School. To this end, workshops were held in ten cities of Ukraine with the participation of teachers, during which teachers tried to decipher and understand the meaning of each of the values. What are the thoughts of the best teacher of Ukraine according to the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine (2017) and the best teacher of physics in the world according to Intel (2004), honorary member of the London Institute of Physics Paul Pshenichka, after whom the planet is named – read in an interview.

Scientists have proven that values ​​cannot be taught – they are retransmitted through behavior. What do you think about it?

So. You can neither force nor teach them. They are simply copied.

The school is a kind of triangle in which three vertices are important: the teaching staff, the administration, children and parents. This triangle depends on each of the vertices. What can parents do to make graduates people with values?

The family plays a crucial role. If normal conditions are created in the family, then the child already has formed values. You just have to save them, save these people.

What is the role of the teacher in the retransmission of values?

There is a layer of teachers who were inspired by the events of this school year, including the Global Teacher Price competition. We saw that teachers were noticed. It is very important. And such people need to be supported by all possible means. But it is also important that the teaching staff must have the right climate. Without it, there will be nothing. Much depends on the personality of the administrator. There is one Japanese rule: “In a good administrator, people show their best qualities, in a bad – the worst.” Depending on the situation, people can show both negative and positive traits. If the team is positive, it does a lot, not to mention it. Children do not take words, but take an example. They feel: a person is just talking about it or really living like that.

Among the values ​​is freedom. What does this mean for you?

Freedom is an opportunity to make decisions, it is a responsibility, it is a choice. Not the freedom to do whatever you want, but the freedom to choose.

And what does responsibility mean to you?

My primary responsibility is to teach children. I have to teach them so that they do not relearn. I need to know everyone well, otherwise I won’t teach them. When there are 28 people in the class, it is very difficult to do, but I have a specialized school where students are divided into groups. If someone wants to study, I study with them after school. This is a colossal example and experience for them. They need to be taught: if you get homework, you have to do it. How to achieve this? Check every time: did or did not do. I tell them: if you did 100%, that’s not enough, it should be 101%. There is such a mathematical thing: if you raise the number 0.99 to the power of 365, you will get almost nothing, and if it is 1.01 to the same power, it will be 38.5.

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